The PERFECT Holiday

Between early November and the end of the year, there are nearly 30 different holidays around the world. For a lot of people, this is the most stressful part of the year. EVERYTHING must be perfect for all involved, or we feel that we have failed. The pressure to make everything flawless can turn what should be a joyful time into one of stress and anxiety.

But what if we dared to approach this holiday season with a fresh perspective? What if we let go of the pursuit of perfection and allowed ourselves to truly enjoy the moments, imperfections and all?

Leading Through Layoffs

Fact: There is little joy in layoffs. Despite what rolls off some leaders’ tongues, it’s not just business – it’s personal, and painful for those on the receiving end. As a leader, you can’t escape another fact: you’re the boss and it’s part of your job description. So, how do you make layoffs a positive for all concerned?

In this session, we uncover:

  • Creating open and transparent communications

  • Really understand your team at a fundamental level

  • Summon the grit and perseverance to hold to your vision


Balance - Webinar

Matrix Leadership

An increasing number of projects now require multiple teams in order to succeed. Leadership’s crossing of team and department “borders” requires heightened credibility and respect when collaborating with people with whom we don’t normally interact. To accomplish this, we need alignment of the Messenger, the Message and the Mechanism.

In this session, we uncover:

  • Create observable authenticity in your commitment to the members’ and cross-unit project’s success.

  • Develop clear and effective communications pertaining to the project goals and desired outcomes.

  • Ensure that the tools and processes being used to track progress on your projects are sufficient for the task at hand, and serve all stakeholders well.

Career Reimagined

The average person will have 12 different jobs over their lifetime, with that number estimated to double by 2040 1. With an understanding of high rates of attrition, how can we best support talent as leaders?

In this session, we uncover:

  • What it means to have a purpose-driven career

  • How to keep high levels of engagement

  • When is it time to contemplate a career change

Take a Break!

No, we’re not talking about that mad dash to refill your workday beverage of choice, only to get back to your workspace in time to grab the next phone call, and scroll through the 20 emails that landed during your mad dash. That’s barely a swipe at the Pause button of your day. How can you manage true breaks from the action, in a culture that demands you be constantly available and immediately responsive?

In this session, we uncover:

  • Define what your organization gains by enforcing true breaks.

  • Answer the question: “But, who will do the work?”

  • Identify what you, as a leader, gain by routinely scheduling these breaks.

Elevate Your Customer Service

Join us for an engaging and insightful webinar on the essentials of exceptional customer service, where we'll explore proven strategies and best practices drawn from experts in the field. Discover the power of customer satisfaction, the impact of employee training, and the importance of a customer-centric mindset in driving business success.

Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your organization's customer service approach and propel your business to new heights!

In this session, we uncover:

  • Does Customer Service still apply when you don't interact with the customers?

  • How do you lead with a Customer Service centric lens?

  • How can you leverage your BluePrint™ results to help you serve your customers more impactfully?

Agile Leadership

Agile Leadership - Webinar

The Great Reconsideration

The Great Reconsideration - Webinar

Compassionate Leadership

Compassionate Leadership - Webinar

Is Now the Time to Set Goals?

Is Now the Time to Set Goals? - Webinar

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