Type of Assessments

    The Personal BluePrint™

    With your Personal BluePrint, we provide you with a visualization of your beliefs so that you can take inventory of what you have internalized. Then you can make choices to reject your limiting beliefs and to replace them with more effective, empowering behaviours that will leverage your talents, skills and knowledge.

    Additional Personal BluePrint Products:

    • The Personal BluePrint for the Sales Professional
    • The Personal BluePrint for Wellbeing

    The Leadership BluePrint™

    As a leader you play a critical role in your direct reports’ individual mindsets. You have the opportunity to shape their mindset as they approach their tasks and interact with people around them. Your approach as a leader can create either confidence or fear.

    The Leadership BluePrint™ provides you with the opportunity to see how your mindset has been shaped by your experiences, the organizations and leaders that you have worked with and situations that you have found yourself in over your lifetime. This report will give you feedback on the mindset that you are driving in others.

    The Team BluePrint™

    The Team BluePrint is a development tool that provides feedback on your team’s current mindset, providing you with a baseline from which you and your team can target continuous growth toward future performance.


    As a team, you have the opportunity to create functioning and flourishing results. Often, teams become dysfunctional and break down over the same issues. This report provides you with the opportunity to see how your team’s mindset has been shaped by individual members experiences, as well as past organizations and leaders that they have worked with.  

    The Cultural BluePrint™

    The Cultural BluePrint™, provides you with information for designing your optimum culture. The report provides a visual representation of your current culture – the shared beliefs and values within your organization – as well as an explanation of how those beliefs are impacting performance. This report also provides ideas on how you can expand your enabling beliefs and reduce your limiting beliefs.


    Additional Cultural BluePrint™ Products:

    • The Safety BluePrint
    • The Ability BluePrint™ (for Agile Tech organizations wishing to measure the systems within and between)

    Do you have Hiring Assessments?

    The BluePrint Toolset is designed to be used for growth. As such, it is not to be used for the purposes of hiring, firing, or promotion.