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Why BluePrint?

When you are interested in updating or renovating a home, you traditionally utilize a blueprint so that you can see the relationships between rooms, spaces, and other features of your home. The important thing is that a blueprint allows you to see the current situation, as well as design your desired state.

In the same way that a blueprint provides information for designing your home, The BluePrint Toolset® programs and assessments provide you with information to design your ideal future.

Me → We → Us

The three styles each in Efficacy and Goals pertain to individual/personal growth – the Me. Approach and its three styles form a transition in how we work with our teams and team members – the We. Relationships and Altruism, and their styles, focus on our outward connections, beyond ourselves and those with who we interact on a daily basis at work – the Us.

Survey results are plotted on the circumplex, a visual representation of areas of how strong one is in each of the styles. Red represents scores in the 1-33rd percentiles of the normative samples. Purple represents scores in the 34-66th percentiles of the normative samples, and Blue represents scores in the 67-99th percentiles.


 The Efficacy factor measures the extent to which the organization or leader expects and encourages members to approach tasks with confidence and resiliency. High scores reflect an organization that has greater levels of employee engagement, is more responsive to the needs of its clients, and embraces continuous improvement. Within the Efficacy there are three sets of expectations: Optimism, Growth and Accountable. 


The Goals factor measures the extent to which the organization encourages its members to move toward the accomplishment of goals. High scores indicate the organization engages employees with clear goals and objectives, aligns resources for maximum performance, and is strategic in its decision-making.  


The Approach factor measures the extent to which the organization expects and encourages its members to balance the drive for task completion with the need to engage others in the process. High scorers tend to have employees that achieve extraordinary results, operate with a high level of ethics and communicate the “why” along with the “what.” 


The Relationships factor measures the extent to which the organization expects and encourages its members to work well together and collaborate. High scores in this factor are organizations that leverage teamwork for superior customer service, experience effective communications throughout the organization and have built a strong succession plan. 


The Altruism factor measures the extent to which the organization expects and encourages its members to connect a higher purpose and meaning to what they do. High scoring organizations tend to retain good employees longer, attract new employees with values consistent with the organization, and have a strong brand or positive influence in the community.

Each of The BluePrint tools is designed for a very specific group and purpose.
  • The Personal BluePrint™

    Your Personal BluePrint™ provides you with a visualization of your current beliefs so that you can take inventory of all you have internalized. With this information, you can make choices to reject your limiting beliefs and to replace them with more effective, empowering behaviors that will leverage your talents, skills and knowledge

    Additional Personal BluePrint™ Products:

    • The Personal BluePrint™ for the Sales Professional
    • The Personal BluePrint™ for Wellbeing
  • The Leadership BluePrint™

    The Leadership BluePrint™ provides you with the opportunity to see how your mindset has been shaped by your experiences, the organizations and leaders that you have worked with and situations that you have found yourself in over your lifetime. This report will give you feedback on the mindset that you are driving in others.

    As a leader, you play a critical role in your direct reports’ individual mindsets. You have the opportunity to shape their mindset as they approach their tasks and interact with people around them. Your approach as a leader can create either confidence or fear.


  • The Team BluePrint™

    The Team BluePrint™ is a development tool that provides feedback on your team’s current mindset, providing leaders with a baseline to target continuous growth toward enhanced future performance.

    As a team, you have the opportunity to create functioning and flourishing results. Often, teams become dysfunctional and break down over the same issues. This report provides you with the opportunity to see how your team’s mindset has been shaped by individual members experiences, as well as past organizations and leaders that they have worked with. 

  • The Cultural BluePrint™

    The Cultural BluePrint™ provides you with a roadmap for designing your optimum culture. The report provides a visual representation of your current culture – the shared beliefs and values within your organization – as well as an explanation of how those beliefs are impacting performance. This report also provides ideas on how you can expand your enabling beliefs and reduce your limiting beliefs.

    Additional Cultural BluePrint™ Products:

    • The Safety BluePrint™