Who is a BluePrint Strategic Partner?

BluePrint Strategic Partners utilize the comprehensive solutions offered by the BluePrint Toolset, which not only complements their expertise and methodologies but also strengthens their relationships with existing clients and facilitates the expansion of their overall practice.

Understanding that our partners possess distinct approaches that harmonize with the objectives of our toolset, we strive to collaborate with those partners who share our foundational philosophy and values.

Leveraging measurement and feedback data, we aim to foster growth and development for individuals, teams, leaders, and organizations while preserving the integrity of our innovative toolset.

Who can become an Accredited User of

The BluePrint Toolset®?

Accreditation is designed for leadership consultants, executive coaches, HR/OD/OE professionals, leadership educators and trainers. Our tools measure the nuances of mindset and its impact on culture and then dig deeper into how employees feel that they are expected to behave. By pairing their current reality with a vision, consultants have a globally proven tool to quantitatively measure impact. This leads to longer client engagements, with more touch points, thanks to BluePrint's ability to remeasure at set intervals.

A key principle underlying the Accreditation process is that of using ‘live data’ and being ‘debrief ready’ upon completion. This provides you with a complete learning experience that includes comprehensive product education, real-world applications, practical and relevant case studies, and an opportunity to network with your peers to share knowledge and information.

Overall, the User-Accreditation Program allows you to grow, personally and professionally, and expands your capacity to add value to your clients. Whether you are an organizational or leadership development professional, this program will help you address specific challenges and gain real world experience to help your clients achieve their growth goals.

Benefits of becoming a Strategic Partner

  • Certification in both Personal BluePrint and Leadership BluePrint tools

  • Training & Support with access to monthly update meetings and access to Accredited User/Strategic Partner online Community

  • Access to The BluePrint LMS

  • Option to co-brand BluePrint Reports and marketing materials

Certification is designed for leadership consultants, executive coaches, HR/OD/OE professionals, leadership educators and experienced trainers. [Note: Experience/education around 1-to-1 coaching for leadership or personal development is required to attend this program.]

The User-Accreditation Program offered by with The BluePrint Toolset® is a comprehensive training program designed to equip leadership and organizational development professionals with the skills to use the diagnostic suite in a professional and competent way to create genuine transformation for their clients.

The User-Accreditation Program has been designed with extensive rigor to ensure that all clients who experience The BluePrint® methodology can expect a consistent level of service and a quality experience.



1. Establish Creditability

We recognize that coaches and consultants come to us from various backgrounds. It is important to acknowledge your expertise in your industry. We ask interested individuals to complete a short eligibility assessment to ensure that this process is aligned with their work.

2. Attend Lead with Impact™

Undertake a deep dive into your own personal leadership beliefs and mindset. Sessions and materials focus on applying the information in a way that enhances your leadership strengths while addressing areas for growth. Included in this program is The Leadership BluePrint™ self assessment and one hour of coaching around your results.

(16 hours)

3. Self – Paced Accreditation Course

Complete Online Modules. The self-directed, self-paced learning platform allows users to complete the foundational and philosophical work around the BluePrint® tool.

(8 hours)

4. Evaluation: Case Study Presentation

Once you have completed the online modules, book a session with a BluePrint Accreditation Specialist to present feedback on your chosen case study. Upon successful completion of this step, and the signing of an agreement, you are welcome to incorporate the tool into your practice!

5. Strategic Partner Coaching Session

A session with our Client Relationship Specialist guides you through the process of marketing, selling, and implementing the BluePrint tools in your own business.

6. Develop and Grow

As an accredited Strategic Partner, you have access to the BluePrint Toolset’s Online Learning Management System. Here you will find all the documentation, marketing and templates you need to seamlessly integrate the BluePrint® tools into your business. You will also receive invites to join monthly update sessions, as well as opportunities for knowledge sharing amongst the global accredited user community.

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