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We offer a variety of ways to connect with the BluePrint Community, as well as courses to increase your personal talents and abilities.

Lead with Impact

Learn how to lead others with IMPACT, while shifting your own mindset.

Leveraging the latest research in neuroscience and leadership, this program will provide you with clear actions that you can take immediately to make a positive difference in you and your team.

This program is recommended for both emerging and current leaders, HR professionals supporting leaders within their organizations, as well as consultants and coaches looking to add BluePrint Toolset® to their suite of services.

September 27th from 10-11am Eastern
Watch Me Balance


First, let’s dispense with the myth of perfect life balance. It doesn’t exist. Every day is a series of choices regarding our commitments, time, talents and energies. We cannot do it all or have it all. Once we let go of that expectation, it’s much easier to prioritize as we handle today’s goals and tomorrow's targets.


In this session, we will uncover:

  • Describe “prioritization” so you know exactly what it looks like – for you.
  • Plan for handling the various seasons of capacity.
  • Support for a colleague who is struggling to find a sense of balance between the work and the personal.
Take a Break.
Listen to engaging webinar part of our Ignite the Joy of Work Series Discover More

Take a Break!

No, we’re not talking about that mad dash to refill your workday beverage of choice, only to get back to your workspace in time to grab the next phone call, and scroll through the 20 emails that landed during your mad dash. That’s barely a swipe at the Pause button of your day.

How can you manage true breaks from the action, in a culture that demands you be constantly available and immediately responsive?

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