The BluePrint Toolset®

    About the BluePrint Toolset®

    The BluePrint Toolset® was created in 2013. Leveraging 30 years of working in culture and leadership coaching, The BluePrint Toolset® was created to modernize and transform past models into a more relevant tool for today’s leaders.

    The developers of The BluePrint Toolset® pride themselves on the Toolset being not only academically sound, but easily actionable for participants seeking to drive their growth.   


    Why BluePrint?

    When you are interested in updating or renovating a home you traditionally utilize a blueprint so that you can visualize the relationships between rooms, spaces, and other features of your home. The important thing is that a blueprint allows you to visualize the current situation as well as design your desired state.   

    In the same way that a blueprint provides information for designing your home, The BluePrint Toolset® programs and assessments provide you with information to design your ideal leadership self, as well as heighten the impact you have on your teams and the organization's culture.

    BluePrint Full 2022 with PTile

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