Is now the time to set goals?

    People often see January as the ideal time to set goals, but is it really?

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    Join us as we explore the latest research from the field of cognitive neuroscience in the area of goals. What are goals, do they matter, and should you even bother setting them at a personal or corporate level.

    In this session we will uncover:

    • Should we even set goals
    • What makes a goal stick
    • Do leaders have a responsibility for the goals of their team

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    Meet your Presenter:

    Michael J. O'Brien

    Since 1985, Michael’s diverse background in finance, economics and human behavior has organizations around the world seeking his ability to bring the seemingly intangible aspects of organizational culture and performance to light. His consulting expertise has enabled hundreds of organizations to achieve their goals through transforming their culture. He has one-on-one coached over 4,000 senior executives on six continents on how to improve their leadership to drive those culture transformations.

    Michael is the founder and co-creator of The BluePrint Toolset® — a suite of products used in the measurement and development of organizational cultures, leaders, teams, and individuals.

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    Meet your panelists:

    doug tames picture

    Doug Tames

    Doug Tames is the owner of Tames Signature Performance based in Toronto, Canada. Doug was introduced to the principles of cognitive psychology in 1989 and practiced them in his personal and professional life in a number of senior leadership roles across multiple sectors. He coaches and facilitates to create sustained growth in client organizations and individuals within them. He serves as Managing Director, Ontario with The Pacific Institute.

    “Propel yourself to new heights.”

    RL Cook

    Ryan Cook

    Growing up in a cricket-centric environment with his father and brother both playing cricket for the South African Cricket team, Ryan took a different path, cultivating his passion for cricket and combining it with a love for coaching. Having worked his way through the coaching ranks from grassroots and "age" group cricket quickly, Ryan found a firm base of principles and philosophy guided in mentorship by some of the world's most renowned coaches.

    Forming a relationship-based approach and a framework rooted in holistic development, Ryan's hard work and dedication have seen him rise through the ranks in coaching being part of teams across the international and franchise landscape. His experience across these various countries and cultures have enabled a progressive mindset and unique perspective working with individuals and teams on how to improve performance through cohesion and commitment. 

    Charmin Headshot 2022

    Charmin Rockwell 

    Charmin Rockwell is the Director of Operations and Customer Relations for the BluePrint Toolset®. Charmin specializes in helping clients get results in their lives personally and professionally by utilizing the proven strategies, education, tools developed by The BluePrint Toolset® combined with her years of being a business owner. Charmin’s work focuses on making positive workplaces through career planning in the workplace, executive coaching and creating high performance work cultures. She is great at helping people and organizations – helping them shift from a “have to” workplace to a “want to” workplace.

    Charmin is an experienced business owner, career development professional, performance consultant and professional speaker. Charmin has a passion for helping individuals create success in their lives, first developed with her Career Counselling company. Over the last 15 years Charmin has assisted individuals and organizations in achieving their personal and professional goals through career counselling, facilitating, and performance management consulting.

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